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Lukeosaurus and Me: December 2014

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Looking forward into 2015, not back on 2014.

It appears to be the last day of December, as well as the last day of the year!
I suppose it's tradition to jabber on about the highs and lows of the year - discuss what you've achieved, regrets, lessons learnt etc - but I'm not going to do that. And Luke can't do that, although he has achieved an awful lot and I'm incredibly proud of him. I am also proud of myself, but more for surviving than achieving anything of significance.
I shall be seeing in the new year with Netflix. Maybe some films, but more likely I'll be watching Merlin (because its on Netflix, how exciting is that?!) Maybe a cup of tea, crazy and wild of me?
I may not intend to talk about the past year, but I do have a few goals and life changes I'd like to start in 2015. Nothing major, not the whole 'lose weight, go to gym, eat healthy all the time', but a small list of select things that will enhance both my life and Luke's.
So firstly - my main goal is to read more. As some of you might know, I decided to put this into practice early December and it started with the Hunger Games trilogy. I finished Mockingjay last night and I'm currently suffering a bit of a book hangover. Actually, if anyone can suggest any books of a similar nature, that would be super awesome. I'm currently reading Zoella's "Girl Online" at the moment, its lovely but very light reading and I'd love anything similar to The Hunger Games.
Secondly, I'd really love to get out and about and into nature more with Luke. My current housing situation and local area makes it difficult. As any mother will know - living in a flat with no lift isn't easy, especially with nasty neighbours! However, it's an area of motherhood I really want to address, and since Luke is walking now, I'd really love for him to appreciate nature and how we need to preserve these beautiful areas.
There are a few more little plans, but for Luke and I, these are the main two. I'd also love any book recommendations for 16 month old boys! He has a large collection already, but as far as I see it, a child can never have too many books!
So, if anyone has any book reccomendations for either myself or Lukeosaurus, please leave a comment! Also, let me know your new year's resolutions. From my little family and me, I wish you all a wonderfully happy new year!

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

Oh gosh! I am so sorry for the complete lack of blog posts of late - I have been having a super hectic time which, I suppose tends to go hand in hand with Christmas, but I feel awful for not keeping up to date.
Also, I write my blogs on my boyfriends tablet/laptop thing and then have to use my phone to upload the pictures via the blogger app because I don't have a laptop of my own. :( So, with the tablet being either broken, dead or in use, it just makes it all the more trickier to post. This post has come to you through a mix of the blogger app(which is kind of pants) and the website from my HTC. 

But anyway! Since my last blog, I have carried on with my attempts to try and do something christmassy and crafty with Luke everyday. We've done a few festive things that I haven't really taken any pictures of because they're just us drawing with crayons and colouring in on the chalk board - basic bits and bobs like that, which are great fun, but there's no real need to share that stuff with you. 

There is one little craft we made which I think is incredibly cute and Christmassy and the entire family will love - homemade Christmas gift tags! They also double up as Christmas tree decorations.

Aside from the crafts, we have really been focusing on getting out and about and enjoying the crisp winter air and rosey cheeks. Here in the UK, we've had a relatively dry winter - at least where I live, so going for strolls has been really easy and fun.

Another amazingly exciting thing that's happened since I last posted is that Luke has learnt to walk! I cannot believe how quickly this skill develops! Earlier this week, he took a few steps and now, just a few days later,he's zooming around ! I'm so excited he will be walking around this Christmas time. 

As the title of this post states, it is Christmas eve. I have been running around today trying to tidy, wrap,sort  out last minute bits and bobs and my feet are now killing me. Luke saw his dad for a few hours, so at least I was able to vacuum and do other chores without him lovingly trying to help. I had to pack things for Luke and family presents because James,Luke and I are all going to my dads for both Christmas day and boxing day - so I have been trying to judge the number of nappies I'll need and stuff like that so it is all ready in the morning. More time for me to get ready and for Luke to open a few of his presents!

Now the day has come to an end! I'm currently coming to you from the blissful place that is my bath, with a super lovely Christmas bath bomb from Lush. I am sorry this blog is super boring and that I haven't posted for ages , but I will work on that as soon is Christmas is over. Watch this space!

So from myself and Luke, happy holidays! We hope you all have such a wonderful couple of days. 

(I apologise for the poor quality of this post!!!)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Day #3 of Toddler CC's - The Park and Loooots of Painting

Today has been an absolutely lovely, yet very long, day!

For starters, I seem to be so unable to sleep at night lately and sleep deprivation is seriously starting to send me into that crazy things-are-not-quite-right world where you bumble along and just hope for the best. Luckily for me, Luke has been a charmer all day.

After breakfast we went off on a walk to the park, accompanied by my lovely friend, where we played for a good little while. On the way home, I collected some big leaves that I WAS going to make into a Christmas hedgehog, however, when we got home from our walk, all the paints came out instead. Luke is really getting the hang of making hand prints and finger painting and together all three of us made a fair few pictures (two of which my friend took home with her).

Our little advent, christmassy craft today was improvised! Luke made a lovely painting and I had no idea what I could do with it. Eventually, I came up with this idea. It's like a little wrapped up gift. 

That's pretty much all from today. I'm so tired and have so much to do. I'm off to go and tidy the day away, wrap some presents and make dinner!

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Weekends Without My Jedi

Pretty much every weekend, Luke is away with his dad. So today, the boyfriend's at work, Luke is with his dad and I am spending my day lying in bed catching up with some reading! However, I do not come to you empty handed. Although Luke isn't here today to add to the Christmas wall, we have made a few things over the course of December that I would like to share with you.

Not long ago we decided to make some biscuits! My boyfriend had the day off and we were all together as a family, so feeling festive we cracked open the cupboards and made some shortbread. I'm not sure which method is the most popular - there's the 'shove everything in a bowl' method and there's the 'butter and sugar, then add flour' method; we did the latter. 

Luke helped me cream the sugar and butter together in the mixing bowl, which was great fun. We've done a lot of 'pretend cooking' using the same bowl and wooden spoon in the past - mixing dried pasta, porridge oats etc - so stirring the ingredients together was an enjoyable and slightly different experience. As was the feeling of plunging his hands into a bowl full of flour! (That bit wasn't planned, but was really good messy, sensory fun.) 

I rolled the dough out and shaped it while my boyfriend held Luke up to see what was going on. I gave him a tiny blob to play with - it's the same consistency as play-doh, with the advantage of being edible and tasty. Admittedly, I think he was confused by the texture, but enjoyed poking and pulling apart the dough nonetheless. 

15 minutes later and out of the oven they come. Sprinkle with sugar and eat! Luke loves them, I love them and my other half loves them too. Simple, easy, quick and tasty! Also, there's the added bonus that your home smells of freshly baked food - perfectly Christmassy! 

125g butter
55g sugar
180g plain flour

Bake at 190 for 15 - 20 minutes

Friday, 12 December 2014

Day #2 of Toddler Christmas Crafts - Snowmen

Today was a fairly quiet day in our household. I had some stuff to sort out regarding friends and horrible grown up stuff and Luke was off to his dads for the weekend, so there was limited time for messy fun.

With that in mind, we stuck some awesome tunes on the telly and got the crayons out! Luke still isn't too great with the concept of colouring/drawing, so crayons can sometimes be hard work, especially if you're after any form of 'art'. He thoroughly enjoys taking all the crayons out of the tuper ware box they live in, then placing them back in it, one by one. It's cute and keeps him very happy for a good twenty to thirty minutes. 

Still, eventually after some time sitting on the paper, trying to eat the crayons and having a few grown up visitations, some form of drawing was produced (with some encouragement). 

Turn the card over, grab two circular things to draw around - I ended up using a gravy tub for the body and vaseline lip balm for the head - draw round and cut out. Then add whatever snowman accessories you like! We went for a simple orange pom pom nose and some black biro eyes, mouth and buttons, but you could add a hat, a felt scarf, glittery bottons, twiggy arms - the possibilities are endless!

These are so cute and would make great presents for aunt/uncles or grandparents. You could string them up like we did, or you could make a loop on the back and hang them from the Christmas tree. 

Simple to make, great for all ages, cute and very festive! 

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Day #1 of Toddler Christmas Crafts - Star

Perhaps it would have been fitting to start this little project of ours on the 1st of December, but we have eventually got around to starting it  on the 11th. Better late than never, right? There are no real guidelines for this, i'm not sure if it's a 'thing', or if anyone else has ever done it, but my basic aim is to do something creative and messy with Luke everyday until Christmas. My note pad is full of ideas, I'm not sure how well some of them will go down with a 15 month old boy, but we will give it our best shot in the spirit of Christmas.

We are planning on filling this space with festive fun!

Today we got started with a lovely half-hour/fourty minute activity. We made the star of Bethlehem! It's a really simple activity to do, that's fun, messy and guaranteed a good result,no matter how quickly your toddler gets bored. 

All you need is masking tape, paper and paint...and your child! We made a star, but you could easily make a snow flake by adding a few extra bits of tape to the end of each line, or perhaps a Christmas tree (we might well be trying that one in the next few ).

Luke needed some encouragement to get stuck in, but he got the idea soon enough. Afterwards we had a super bubbly bath and washed all the blue paint from his face,legs,hands and feet.

And so here is our very first piece of festive art work on the wall!

Who knows what day #2 will bring! 

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It's Christmaaas! (Welcome)

Firstly, hello and welcome!

It's my hopes that this lovely nice, new, shiny blog will become a home for toddler crafts, anecdotes and activities, as well as a place for one stark crazed mother to share her journey through parenthood. If you're interested in being nosey and stealing other people's great ideas (something I am seriously guilty of), you have come to the right place. Expect to find plenty of photos, videos and possibly (probably) a few whiny mummy moments.

It is nearly mid December - it's cold, it's wet and it's grey. Luke and I are running out of new and exciting things to do locally (walking distance) so we have mostly hidden away this week, in our own little kingdom, making, creating, pretending, reading and watching.

Next weekend we will be out and about in the Surrey countryside finding winter with Luke's grandpa, making a Christmas wreath, as well as a few other festive bits and bobs.

So stay tuned and watch this space!

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