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Lukeosaurus and Me: February 2015

Friday, 27 February 2015

My Worst Mummy Nightmare!

My Wosrt Mummy Nightmare! #worstmummynightmare

So they might not be the worst things in the world, but there are a few sticky situations in mum life where just the mere thought of something can cause me to have a mild breakdown. The not-so-tragic but pretty damn stressful parts of life where you feel a little lost and a little silly at the same time.

My worst mummy nightmare has to be:
When both Luke and I are really ill at the same time. I just...cannot.

I know it's stupid really, it's tiny, it's insignificant and it's something thing that every mother goes through. But it just breaks me down so quickly. When I'm ill, I get really ill. There's a joke with basically everyone and anyone who knows me that if there is a cold or a bug going round, I will catch it, I will then mutate it into something a million times worse and then take twice as long to get over it. It all makes for a pretty unpleasant situation, baby or no baby.

When Luke is ill, he's pretty much the same as me - must have inherited my rubbish immune system as well as having the hard luck of being 18 months old and of the age of permanently being poorly. When he is really poorly, he wants cuddles and nothing else. He wants me to lay on my back and he wants to lay on his back on top of me and do nothing but watch Toy Story all day. And that's fine, if I'm not ill too.

When I wake up with a cold I hate it. I feel like impending doom is hanging over me and I feel anxious and dread the rest of the day from the second my eyes are open. I'm awful when i'm ill; i'm pathetic and I cry and I just cannot. deal. with. it. I am not a Supermum, let's put it that way. When both of us are ill, it's a nightmare. I get so stressed, so quickly. I feel like rubbish; i'm achey, I have a headache, I can't breathe, my back hurts and all Luke wants me to do is sit in the same position with no back support, or lie down for the next 12 hours without moving. All I want to do is sleep.

Overall, when we're both ill, I hate it more than anything. It's that one thing in Motherhood that causes me real issues. I just cannot function on my own when i'm ill, let alone function well enough to make someone else better too. But, of course, we get through and we both get over our illnesses soon enough - usually Luke before me. Luckily for me we have James to help us through the days sometimes. If he's home and we're both suffering, he's usually the one doing all the cooking and cleaning, making us food etc.

What is your worst mummy nightmare - those ordinary moments that are inevitable but seem to stress you more than they probably should? Or am I the only one? I really hope not...

What's Your Weekend?

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Sensory Play: Ain't No Party Like A Toddler Foam Party

Hello my loves!

I don't know what this stuff is actually called, but we always call it 'having a foam party', which often leads me to start singing modified versions of S Club 7 - although "foam party" does also lead one to think of Fresher's week and girls 'holidays' in Ibiza. Awks. 

Toddler Foam Sensory Play

Luke loves foam sensory play and it's pretty much a guaranteed half an hour of occupied toddler time, allowing me to have a cup of tea or hang the washing up. Add a few plastic toys to the mix and everything is ten million times better.

We use stacking cups, scoops, bath boats (99p shop),  Megabloks and small containers - I also always give Luke a whisk. He keeps the bubbles going that little bit longer that way.

Toddler Foam Sensory Play. Green Foam.

Toddler Foam Sensory Play. Green Foam.

I use 1 cup of water, 1 cup of washing up liquid and about a table spoon of cornflour and also some green food colouring (or liquid watercolours). It really isn't worth using the more expensive brand of washing up liquid (Fairy or similar) for this just because of how I use. It's much better to get a cheapy brand. Having said that, I do use stuff that is designed for sensitive skin. I'm sure there are variations on this recipe.

We chuck all this into a washing up bowl and use the electric hand whisk to foam it all up. You can do it by hand, or you can put it in the food mixer and just empty it into your container. Empty it into your desired container and repeat for as much foamy goodness as is required. The cornflour makes the bubbles seem softer and I also think they stay puffy for a little longer. We whisk it all up until the foam forms peaks and Bob's yer uncle - done!

toddler sensory play

I haven't made a huge batch of this yet, I don't have a big enough container! So for now we just use our dinky little washing up bowl and I through this green spotty plastic table cloth {again from the 99p shop!) down in the living room and have a towel on hand!

This is so quick and Luke adores it. He's so poorly at the moment and trying to keep his mind off it has been a real mission this week, so this sensory foam has been a life saver. I'm so glad I tried it out just before Luke got poorly, otherwise I would never have known the effect it has on him!

Toddler Approved Tuesday

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

5 Min Toddler Craft: Making Pom Pom Bugs

Hi everyone,

I know you will all think we're obsessed with pom poms...and I think you're probably right. We have hundreds in our house, but they're just so useful and fun! We use them a lot for games and learning - fine motor skills, learning colours, counting etc. But today my little man was poorly, so he had free play with them when he wanted it {when he wasn't after mummy cuddles} where he counted to himself did lots of sorting. While he was sat with me, we also made these adorable little pom pom bugs!

Pom Pom Bugs - Great 5 Minute Toddler Activity!

I know, they're adorable, right? We bought these really, really sparkly pom poms from Ryman's. All we did was dab a little PVA glue onto a craft stick and glue the pom poms on. I got my huge pack of colourful craft sticks from Wilko. Once the glue had dried and the pom poms weren't wobbly any more, we wrapped a pipe cleaner between the two pom poms to make wings. We added googly eyes to finish! 

Toddler Pom Pom Bugs. think he's an adorable little bug. Or Dragonfly. Or Butterfly. I don't know..i'm going with bug! Like I mentioned, Luke was poorly today, but he still got a lot of playing and flying in. Luke had loads of fun zooming around the living room with this little fella today.


Toddler Pom Pom Bugs.
Pom Pom Bug Bookmark For Mother's Day: You could make a really great bookmark using this idea which would be so lovely and perfect for Mother's Day. I used large pom poms, so a lot of room is taken up by them, but you can use smaller pom poms, or one big and one small, and leave a lot more of the craft stick free. Add some glitter or sequins for an extra glamorous shimmer.
Spring and Easter: These pom pom bugs would be the most excellent, really quick Easter or Spring craft to do with the little ones. 

Toddler Pom Pom Bugs. School Mats: Pop the pom poms, pipe cleaner, craft stick and some glue in a bag or box and let your little ones get creative after school!

We hope you enjoy this super quick, but really fun little craft idea. Let us know your favourite 5 minute craft ideas in the comments! 


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Monday, 23 February 2015

Do It Yourself: Photo Wall

As I mentioned in my last post, our weekend was crazy busy, what with rearranging all the furniture and generally decluttering our teeny tiny flat. All of this work didn't leave much time for anything fun - but I did get to try my hand at creating my own DIY Photo Wall inspired by the wonderful and magical The Hazel Hayes {Chewing Sand on YouTube}. I have had so many compliments on this and I really love it so , so much.

Do It Yourself - Photowall

DIY photo wall

Hazel gives a wonderful quick YouTube tutorial on how to create your own DIY photo wall - which, if I am honest, I only half watched. I watched enough to see what it looked like, but not really the part on how to do it; so perhaps hers is a little tidier than mine, i'm not sure, but I do know that Hazel went for the whole 'rustic' look using string and plain pegs - just like I have.

I love this little part of my living room so much. Originally, the fish tank was on the opposite wall, but after rearranging and deciding that this is pretty much the only place I wanted my photo wall, we moved the tank over (which was such a mission, as any fish keeper will tell you!) and now we have a lovely new focal point. In the top picture you can see there's another picture resting behind the top row of photos, that's because I wasn't tall enough to move it higher! I had to wait for James to stop doing what he was up to before I could move it. So in the second picture, the photo's moved up a bit and sits nicely between the clock and the top row of photos.

I haven't got a theme, other than people I love and funny memories. Mainly the pictures are family - my dad, my sisters, Luke and myself and James. But there are a few friends and randoms in there too (including a picture of my pet rat, Rum, who sadly died last year). Also, my super amazing favourite fan girly photo of the Eiffel Tower.

Just because I didn't use a theme, doesn't mean you can't. I got my photos printed at my local Boots store where you can just plug your phone into the machine using the cable provided and it just prints them out straight from your phones storage. You can also log into Facebook and print from your albums. There are loads of websites where you can send of your Instagram pictures, and get them in a post a few days later. Many of the sites package the photos in letter box friendly parcels too, so you don't have to go and collect them from the post office. You can get your photos printed straight from your Instagram account as they are, or you can get the Polaroid effect and loads more. If you want the Instagram effect without wanting to wait too long, Boots also offer a square 4x4 size on their machines.

The materials used are easy to get. Ryman's stocked the miniature pegs in their craft and scrap booking section; four balls of string/yarn/twine in a nice little packet came from the 99p shop and the cup hooks used to hold the string up came from Wilkos and were a whole 99p each.

Link here
I was fortunate enough to be able to use cup hooks on each side of the gap and just screw them into the wood from my window frames, however there is a huge and cheap selection of DIY bits and bobs at Wilko's and it will be pretty easy to find something to suit your needs. Before screwing and nailing, please make sure you have permission from your Landlord if you're living in rented property! Or...make sure you cover up the holes well enough before you move out! ;) 

There you have it, one rustic DIY Photo Wall that takes hardly any time to do - it looks lovely and not at all tacky, and has really added to our living space. It's a great way to put up all your favourite photos and memories without having to hang frames everywhere, or bluetak them clumsily to the wall. Thank you for reading and happy photo walling! 

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Week In Pictures {20/2/15}

This is my first ever week in pictures! How exciting is that? Super exciting, me thinks. :)

So let's see, on Monday we made banana and blueberry muffins - a recipe I adapted slightly from From Mummy To Mum's banana muffin recipe. By adapted, I mean I threw in some frozen blueberries. The recipe is really quick and pretty much took five minutes to prep and twenty five to cook. Luke is being such a fussy eater at the moment so I'm doing that thing my parents did and trying to hide healthy bits in his far, it's working. *touch wood* I wrapped each muffin in cling film individually and froze them, and I take one out before bed every night, that way he has one for his snack every day. He's not bored of them yet...

Tuesday was, of course, pancake day! Here's Luke helping me mix the batter up. I always make the batter myself, even though really it's something like 20p for batter mix! He cracked the eggs in the bowl by himself, I just plonked the bowl on top of a plate so any spillage could be scooped up again. He whisked like a pro and tried to add pom poms. I fished them out. It did take me a fair while to get the hang of actually cooking the pancakes, as, after all, I tend to only really make them on pancake day. The first three or four were awful, but eventually I managed to get it right and both Luke and my OH gorged themselves silly. I think I want to try making pancakes more often, they're very yum and the smell so freaking good.

Next picture... Last year my OH went out with 'the lads' and got very, very drunk and came back wearing these green monstrosities which he would not let me throw out. Turns out that was a good call as Luke loves them and looks totally rad. I couldn't resist taking this picture, he looks so adorable in his PJ's and his little pixel rave glasses. He tries to put them on himself but usually ends up poking himself in the eye, so he keeps coming up to you during the day and handing them to you with a pleading look. They don't stay on very long and it isn't long until he comes back to you.

The two mini pictures are of Luke munching jelly for pudding and loving it and the other one is of him wearing his pipe cleaner crown. He loved his crown so much and pretty much refused to take it off all day. Since he had a crown, we decided to watch Disney's Robin Hood that evening. I think it may be his new favourite film.

We went adventuring on Thursday. Luke is waaaaaaaaay more confident in his walking abilities now and he has gone up a shoe size according to the woman at Clark's. So we had to test his new shoes out with a good run about. We also went to the park and went down the slide {figuratively but quite possibly} a billion times before we had to go home - which resulted in a huge melt down. :(

On both Thursday and Friday we played with bubbly foam! The whole fairy liquid, water, corn flour, food colouring and a whole heap of whisking variety. I am tempted to write a post about it simply because it is amazing and Luke loves it. Usually sensory play doesn't last very long with him at all, but this stuff kept him happy for at least forty five minutes. He really was taken by it, the texture, the ability to mould it into balls and burying small toys at the bottom of the container. The picture is from Friday's batch - Thursday's was good but I hand whisked it so it wasn't as fluffy. On Friday I dug out the electric whisk so it was super quick.

On Friday I got a spontaneous fan girly tattoo!! Yesssssssssss, you may remember my excitement about getting my Hunger Games "real" tattoo about a month ago {which you can read here}; turns out getting tattoos is kind of addictive. Who'd have thought? "Be Brave", written is this beautiful font, is inspired from another dystopian series, Divergent, by Veronica Roth {yep, I did a book review for the second in the series, which you can read here}. Being brave is pretty much the tag line for the book, at least, it should be.
Picture from Pinterest.

That night I also ate a lot of chocolate. I'd never had this magical Rolo chocolate before, but it is amazing. Oh my gosh, I am not kidding. I ate way, way too much. Before Luke went to his dads on Friday night, he spent a long time messing up my OH's hair and making it super fluffy. The result is this picture - crazy lion hair and a very proud Luke.

Last is a picture of me and my OH chilling in the park from Thursday! 

It has been a relatively good week. Last week we had too many tantrums for me to not start pulling my own hair out, but this week was slightly calmer. While Luke was at his dads, we reorganised the entire flat and I cannot tell you how much effort that took. The flat looks lovely, but oh my gosh, we're both knackered!! 

I hope you all had a lovely and calm week, and an even calmer weekend. :) I will see you next week for another bunch of pictures! 

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Book Review: Insurgent - Veronica Roth

Insurgent Book Review

I wrote a really brief review for Good Reads this morning, but here is my slightly more detailed and constructive review.

If you are looking at the Divergent series to fill a hole in your soul after The Hunger Games, then STOP RIGHT THERE! People who read this book expecting it to be the alternative to The Hunger Games are just being silly and expecting something that can never be done. The Divergent series is a different story in it's own right, you should keep that in mind while reading it; you may find you enjoy it more! THG is a wonderful dystopian concept and wonderfully written, but it seems to somehow have found itself the King of dystopian novels  - whether that's down to the writing, or the age of many members of the fandom, I don't know - what I do know is that it is not the ONLY good series. I am not sure why it is now necessary to compare every other dytopia genre book to it. 

I for one found Insurgent to be an exciting, action filled and relatively fast paced read. I spent more time reading and putting off the things I was meant to be doing once Luke was asleep, like tidying and cooking. I did not want to put this book down. In some places, it really can be a great page turner.  It is action filled to the very end, something major is going down and Tris is going to find out what and why, especially if it's dangerous and potentially life threatening. The main protagonist,  Tris is kick ass and stubbornly determined to get shit done. Four and Tris' romance is so angsty. Who doesn't like angst? And complements the plot nicely. Some character's have changed since Divergent and there are also a few surprises in store.

I found that Tris' character has grown on me since Divergent. She basically defies everything, which leads to some "oh here we go again moments", {I eye-rolled A LOT during Divergent}
 but I suppose that's to be expected throughout the series as some moments are rather predictable. However, instead of just being a little Madam, Tris now has legitimate reasons to tell everyone to bugger off. I am more impressed with the character development in Insurgent than I ever was with THG {yes I know, Hunger Games comparison that I told you all off for - but it's to prove a point!} 

I found Insurgent to be a good and entertaining read. I absolutely loved it. I am really excited to read the next installment and see how this thing ends. I would highly recommend, but not if you're looking for another Hunger Games! 
Some just gloss over the Divergent series, my OH for example read it, didn't think much of it and now doesn't remember too much. I was, obviously, gripped though. The story isn't amazing but it is fast paced and action filled. You can't not enjoy it, at least not at the time. Sometimes, yes, it is predictable. Tris will go against everything she's been told, Four will get angry, yes that character will be the one who has a change of heart. But if you look past all that, you'll experience a tiny thrill and sense of satisfaction when it all ends! { No spoilers from me!} 

Would I recommend? Yes! 
Stars: 4.5 / 5 

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pipe Cleaner Crowns!

This is literally the best thing I have ever made for Luke, it took less than a minute and Luke wore it all day long (besides his nap). 

Honestly, you don't need to be told how to make this. Mine was really simple but you can add beads and heart shapes and glitter and allllll sorts. But this certainly did it for Luke. And I have to say, he looked preeeeetttyyy damn adorable with his crown eating his dinner watching Robin Hood. 

Crowns aren't just for girls, you know. I could never limit the toys Luke plays with by gender, and if I was that way inclined beforehand, after this, I would definitely reconsider (and urge you to too!). Princesses need their crowns, but so do the princes! :) 


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Pancake Day!

Happy (belated) Pancake day everyone!

There's no better way to celebrate today than having pancakes for breakfast. Am I right? Yeah, I thought so! So make your day amazing with 100g of plain flour, a pinch of salt, 2 eggs and 300ml of milk together in a big bowl. Luke helped with the whole thing, even the egg cracking. (It's a good idea to put a plate under a bowl when letting LO's crack the eggs, that way any spillages can be scooped back up).


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Salt Dough Valentine's Gift

For Valentine's day, I wanted to do something a little different with my Lukeosaurus. {I think maybe I will get critically judged for this, but as a parent who is separated from Luke's biological father, I didn't want to make a gift for him, even if it was from Luke. Perhaps, controversially, we both made a gift for Luke's step father instead. For me, this isn't a big deal. If Luke's real father wants to do all of that stuff, I'm okay with it. If he gets a girlfriend and next year rolls around and he wants to do valentine day themed crafts with Luke for his girlfriend, there's not really a lot to say about it. My other half is Luke's guardian for five out of the seven days a week. Luke loves him, and he loves Luke. Valentine's day isn't just about partners and romance, it's about making sure everyone you love, no matter in what format, knows you are thinking about them.} So moving on!

Salt Dough Valentines Gift

I really wanted to use salt dough, as previously I had never used it with Luke. I was worried about having the oven on for 3 hours - I was worried about money (lame, I know) and also about keeping Luke away from the hot oven (I live in a flat so my kitchen and living room is just one big open space), but then I found a really lovely recipe from Rainy Day Mum which enables you to cook and set the salt dough in the microwave as opposed to the oven. Great, perfect for us!

I prepared then salt dough and 'baked' it during Luke's nap. I don't think it was something that Luke would have been able to mix, but he would have been able to make the shapes using the cutters himself and would have enjoyed rolling out the dough, unfortunately, he really, really needed a nap! The microwave method does require you to stand at the microwave and count for a few seconds, open the microwave, check and then repeat. For three minutes. For each salt dough ornament. {I baked mine in 5 second intervals. The recipe suggests 10 second intervals, as the dough tends to rise and bubble - but this timing does depend on your microwave's wattage.} This, I suppose, is a draw back from the conventional oven way, where you can just leave things be and carry on with your life. When these things are baking, they come out hot, and I mean HOT. So that's another winning reason to prepare the shapes while your little one is otherwise occupied. After they have cooled down (probably about ten to fifteen minutes each), the fun, messy, creative part can begin!

As mentioned, I fancied doing something different. I thought hand prints and foot prints are over done. Cut out hearts are over done too... But I did have three gingerbread man biscuit cutters in my magical box of cookie cutters that I thought would be perfect. We made a salt dough family. One salt dough person to represent my other half (Luke's step father), one slightly smaller salt dough person to represent me and finally a miniature salt dough person representing Luke. Don't forget to make a hole at the top of your ornament (we used a straw)!

Salt dough Valentines gift

Next, the decorating! We used paint, but I wish I had thought ahead a bit more and got some glitter or sequins or something else, just to add a little shimmer and excitement. Luke will always mix the colours since he's recently figured out that mixing everything together is both awesome fun and also it changes colour. He mixes them all together, ends up making brown and gasps and points at the paint, then giggles hysterically. Everything we have painted in the last two weeks has been brown. Painting started off with a paintbrush, but Luke got bored of that pretty quickly and moved onto finger painting. I had originally put a selection of paints into a Tupperware container as I (correctly) anticipated that the salt dough people would inevitably find their way into the tub being swirled around in the paint. Somehow, we managed to avoid all the figures turning brown. I'm still unsure how we managed it.

The drying process from there took all night. Using paint to decorate had added moisture back into the dough, so it was a bit squishy again - We just left them up on a shelf out of harms way over night and by morning they were sold once more. The paint cracked a little, giving them a mosaic effect which I actually really like, but I think it's down to the type of paint we used. There are other paints that give a far more even coverage etc etc if you want to avoid this cracking.

Salt dough Valentines gift

Salt dough Valentines gift

Remember those holes I told you to add? Well the next step is to thread ribbon or string through those holes so you can make a nice little family banner! We didn't quite get round to doing this stage because Valentine's day crept up on us really fast! But Luke's step daddy still really appreciated his mini family and has put them pride of place in front of the TV!

These were really great fun to make and I'm so glad I finally got round to using salt dough. I will definitely be using it more often.

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Friday, 13 February 2015

From Mummy To Mum's banana muffins.

Today, in an effort to try and get my apparently new found fussy eater and sleep regression monster to eat something, we made delicious banana muffins using this recipe from From Mummy To Mum.

I think they turned out perfectly. The really do taste heavenly and I may have had one or two for myself.

Kids banana muffins
I could have left them in a second or two longer for a more impressive 'golden brown', but Luke was impatient. They were cooked and that's all that matters! :)

Unless I am blind, Helen didn't mention an oven temp, so I whacked mine on at 180.C. Also I used 2 bananas but simply because I have 'fun sized' bananas - two of them together make for the same amount of fruity goodness as you'd get from one.

Simply a post to say well done, Helen! And thank you for providing us with such a quick and easy recipe that produces heavenly results. If you haven't tried these, I urge all mothers to grab the nearest toddler (preferably your own) and start cooking together! It's so much fun and so good for your little ones, they're way more likely to eat what they've had power and control in making, and just...who doesn't love muffins?

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Top 4 Pom Pom Activities For Fine Motor Skills


This week I have been focusing Luke's activities upon improving his fine motor skills - connecting the tiny movements in the wrists, hands and fingers (and feet and toes) with the eyes and improving coordination. Ultimately these skills go hand in hand with handwriting, scissor movements, buttoning up/unbottoning clothes etc etc.

Searching the internet brings up tonnes of activities to try - I am often lurking around various blogs/vlogs, twitter accounts, instagrams and pinterests to find activities suitable for Luke's abilities.

These are our top 4 favourite DIY pom pom related fine motor skills play activities.

Top 4 Pom Pom Activities For Fine Motor Skills from

Pom poms are so cheap! I've collected several packets from various supermarkets like Sainsbury's and Tesco, as well as shops like Wilko and The Range (if you have a Range near you, their craft section is amazing and worth a visit!).


Use scoops, tupper wear, tongs, stacking cups etc to enhance play and build up those tiny muscles.
Pom pom activities for fine motor skills
A teeny tiny selection of tools we used...


One of Luke's favourite activities (he also likes to do this with craft sticks) is to squeeze pom poms through tiny cut out holes in an empty egg box (make sure the holes are slightly smaller than the largest pom poms so that there are some problem solving/challenging moments). Luke squeezes in pom poms, flips up the lids and they fly everrrrywhere - this leads him to then gather all of them up again and play all over again. Kept Luke bust for at least half an hour and he kept coming back to it.

Pom pom activities for fine motor skills
Pom poms and craft sticks combined!


Empty cling-film tubes, kitchen roll and TP rolls make great little tunnels to drop pom poms down. The larger pom poms will fit through the kitchen roll and TP rolls, but not the cling-film tube, again creating this problem solving element. This helped Luke to grasp the concept of 'big' and 'small', though he does occasionally still try to put a huge pom pom down a tiny tube (it gets stuck and I have to fish it out!). An idea I haven't yet tried is painting the tubes different colours and matching the pom pom colour to the correct tube. Or you can just jazz the tubes up with wrapping or coloured paper for a more stimulating play. Masking tape these tubes to the wall at different heights, or onto the side of a box for further exciting play.

Free tubes from brownies, yogurts etc also aid in the creation of an awesome pom pom shoot game. Cut a hole in the lid of the tub, put your tube in and tape the lid shut. Pom poms fall, collect in the tub and then, because the lid is sealed, little one has to work out how to shake all the pom poms out again. Today we discovered that cold drinks containers from coffee chain, Costa, make awesome containers for this game - there's already a hole cut for you!

Pom pom activities for fine motor skillsPom pom activities for fine motor skills


Sorting pom pom colours in egg boxes using tools is another one we have played this week. Each segment of egg box is dedicated to a specific colour - you could also paint the egg boxes if you so desired. We also used stacking cups as sorting containers, Luke isn't so great with colours, but he got better at sorting big and small. 
Pom pom activities for fine motor skills
Sorting is really fun too.
These are really simple activities and there are oodles of variations. Like you can see, instead of pom poms, you could use craft sticks, or maybe straws, pegs - the list is endless. All of these play activities can be adapted to incorporate more skills - such as learning colours or sorting big from small. I hope you enjoy them as much as Lukeosaurus did!


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